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Wellesley Latina Alumnae Network

Dear WLAN Community,

Happy 2017! Now that the confetti is settling from the winter holidays, the Wellesley Latina Alumnae Network Board nominations process can begin! My name is Leslie de Leon, Class of 2007 and current WLAN board member; I will be serving as WLAN's Nominations Chair for this season. I hope you will consider joining this important affinity board dedicated to helping advance WLAN’s vision of strengthening the connection of alumnae of Latina/Hispanic descent to each other, the College, and current and prospective students.

If you're interested in joining me on the Nominations Committee, please email me directly by March 17, 2017.

We are currently accepting nominations for the following board positions and for regional representatives: Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Presidents for Programs, Membership, and representatives from all major regions. Position descriptions are included below and in the WLAN bylaws, available online.

The Nominations schedule is as follows (all deadlines are due midnight, EST):

  • Nominations due to Leslie by 3/24/2017 and all nominees will be contacted by 3/26/2017.
  • To nominate yourself or someone you know, please use this Nominations Google Form.
  • Nominees must accept by turning in the attached form by 4/8/2017.
  • An electronic ballot will be sent to WLAN community members by 4/17/2017.
  • Votes are due and will be tallied by 5/15/2017.
  • A new Board will be announced in late May and a transition meeting will be scheduled with the outgoing and onboarding members.
  • The new slate of officers is due to the College by 6/1/2017.  

Duties of Officers (from WLAN Bylaws):

Vice President for Programs. The Vice President for Programs oversees the program activities of the organization in furtherance of its mission and purpose. She works closely with regional and local representatives to plan and implement WLAN programs. She maintains a calendar of activities and provides this information to the Vice President of Communications for inclusion in appropriate communications vehicles. The Vice President for Programs fulfills the duties of the president in her absence.

Vice President for Membership. The Vice President for Membership is responsible for promoting and enhancing the participation of members in WLAN through creative and effective member recruitment, tracking, and engagement initiatives. In addition, she will be responsible for board development. Activities will include but not be limited to the cultivation of graduating seniors, outreach to lost members, maintenance of a comprehensive networking directory of active members, and development of tangible membership benefits.

Secretary. The Secretary shall preserve all minutes, notices and copies of communications, publications and documents of importance to WLAN. She shall oversee the Governing Board election process.

Treasurer. The Treasurer shall oversee all WLAN financial matters, including dues, gifts, bank accounts, investments, reimbursements and fundraising efforts. She shall prepare and submit periodic financial statements and an annual financial report to the President, Governing Board and the WCAA Office and shall file appropriate tax forms, as required by the IRS.

Regional Representatives. The Regional Representative shall be the liaison between the Governing Board and the members in the region and, at a minimum, shall promote WLAN, help plan and implement activities, and facilitate communication among members, WCAA clubs and others in the region. The Governing Board shall determine the number and boundaries of the regions, including international regions, and shall make adjustments in the regions when

WLAN Nominee Form 2017

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